Stonepave UK have achieved ISO certification in 3 standards.

ISO 9001 – Quality management principles including a targeted customer focus, the motivation and involvement of top management, while following a process approach with continual improvement as the end result.
By meeting ISO 9001 Stonepave UK are consistently looking to improve the quality of our products, services and meet customers expectations.

ISO 14001 – Based on environmental management standards. Designed to help organisations minimise their environmental impact, use all resources more efficiently and comply with environmental legislation.
By meeting ISO 14001 we are continually improving our environmental performance and reducing our carbon footprint.

ISO 45001 – Global standard for Occupational Health & Safety.
By meeting ISO45001 we have a Management Systems in place that improves the safety and health of all staff and personnel.


Acclaim Accreditation is the go-to scheme for SSIP health and safety accreditation for over 3,000 organisations. Run by health and safety professionals, throughout organisational supply chains.

Stonepave UK have been verified to hold SSIP status via Acclaim on the Constructionline platform and have been awarded a Certificate of Health & Safety Accreditation.


Stonepave UK have achieved Constructionline Gold certification which demonstrates to buyers that our organisation has been subjected to increased scrutiny around governance and risk management.

Gold standard is achieved after being assessed on areas such as; environmental management, quality management, equalities and diversity. It ensures contractors abide legislation in areas such as modern slavery, anti-bribery and corruption.



Fair Stone is the international Social Standard for natural stone imports from developing and emerging markets. Natural stone importers – the Fair Stone Partners – implement certain criteria within their supply chain and therefore actively improve the working conditions in stone processing factories and quarries.
Customers – municipalities and private consumers – are able to contribute to the improvements in working conditions in China, Vietnam and India by buying Fair Stone natural stone products such as cobblestones, kerbs or slabs. With growing demand supply chains from other countries will be added to the Fair Stone standard.
The Fair Stone logo proves that the products are produced

  • in compliance with ILO-Core Labor Conventions (e.g. without child or bonded labour, etc.)
  • under observation of safety and health of the workers;
  • are traceable with the software Tracing Fair Stone
  • under consideration of environmental issues.

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It is the policy of the outHaus Group (comprising of outHaus, Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks & Stonepave) to provide a premium product and service to our customers, both trade and public. We strive to achieve this in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner while fulfilling the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. To achieve this goal, we offer the following commitments:

  • We ensure that all our compliance obligations (customer, regulatory, statutory and all other obligations) are understood at the highest level of management.
  • We commit to fulfilling each of these compliance obligations.
  • Through our commitment to the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, we source, ship, store, process, supply and install our product in a manner which has the least possible impact on the environment. We will strive to use suppliers who are recognised by independent oversight groups as operating to recognise environmental and H&S standards.
  • Through our commitment to the provision of safe and healthy work conditions and the prevention of work related injury/ill health, we will monitor and risk assess all our activities to ensure that hazards are eliminated and risks are reduced.
  • We are committed to the consultation and participation of our workers in the development, operation and improvement of our management system.
  • We measure our quality, environmental and H&S performance through defined monitoring and measurement activities and we will use this data to identify improvement objectives.
  • We strive to continually improve the performance of our Health Safety Environmental Quality Management System.